Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Book

I am reading a wonderful book that was recommended from Kris Carr's This is a great website that was recommended to me from my dear friend who has lymphoma. The name of the book is "My (So-Called) Normal Life by Erin Zammett. I am finding myself relating to her words so much even though she has a different form of cancer than I do.

I recommend this book for anyone who has cancer, knows someone who has cancer, or just to get an idea of what a person who has cancer goes through. I am planning on passing this onto my mom and best friends when I am done.

Enjoy your day...every single minute of it!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Many Fun Days

Had a great fun day today with my son's visiting with my grandparents, their great-grandparents. My life has been full of joy lately! I passed a very important test for my job! This test has been such a challenge for me but I persevered and I am so proud of myself for not giving up! I am now a certified speech therapist!! My family and friends stood by me throughout this crazy adventure and provided me with lots of shoulders to cry on, strong arms to lift me up, and all the positive thoughts I could ever wish for! These are the same wonderful people who were right there with me when I was diagnosed with cancer too. I am so happy that they were all able to share in my joy with me!

I have also been getting back in touch with my friends from high school. It has been such a trip hearing what they have been up to these past 20+ years. I was able to get together with one of my special friends from high school. It was amazing to see him and hear what has been happening in his life. What was really neat was how, even though we had not seen each other in many years, we fell right back together so easily, as if not a single day had past. I am looking forward to getting together again very soon with him and my family.

Time for me to rejoin my husband and sons for a movie. As I said earlier, today has been a really good, fun, and love filled day. I hope you too have a fun and blessed day. Always take time to tell the people in your life how much they mean to you!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wonderful News!!

Had a renal scan last week to check on the new urological system I had built for me last year due to bladder cancer. We recieved wonderful news on Friday...everything is working the way it should!!!! YEAH!!! I had this scan done because I was having left kidney pain again. The oncologist recommened to me that I try to not drink as much fluids as I have been and to cath more frequently during the day. So far I have noticed a HUGE difference! :) The kidney isn't hurting as bad. He also thinks the neuropathy could also play a small part in this as well. He is going to keep a close eye on me as always. I feel so lucky and blessed to have him as my oncologist and friend. Not due for my next CT till usual my 3 month ck in.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New week!

Well, this is my first week with my new work hours! YEAH for part-time!!! Even though I only put in 5 1/2 hours today, it felt more like 10 1/2 hours! haha I came home exhausted yet happy that I have such a great job, wonderful boss, and totally cool friends to work with! Once things settle down, I will only be working 5hrs a day 5 days a week. These hours will keep me super busy which will really make my day fly! Today was a good day despite the neuropathy. It's frustrating to stand up to walk and end up limping for a bit. Oh well, could be worse! I feel blessed that I am healthy enough to work!!!

Hope you too had a great day!
Stay healthy and happy!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Recent News From Dr. Visit Yesterday

I had my 5 week appointment yesterday with my neurologist. He discussed my recent lab test results with me and my dad. Found out that I have peripheral neuropathy. I found a good website that describes in detail what peripheral neuropathy is. He's not exactly sure why I have this which is a little scary. Could be from the bladder cancer or just could be idiopathic. It is a relief to now have a name to what symptoms I have been going through lately and know that I wasn't going crazy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Time to Catch Up

The past few days have been really busy for me. Over the 4th of July weekend, my family not only celebrated the Nation's birthday but also celebrated my b-day! I was asked how I felt being another year older. I told them I feel so blessed to be healthy enough to celebrate another year!

After a busy weekend, I meet some wonderful friends from work for birthday lunch. We acknowledged 3 birthdays which was a blast!! Yesterday, I spent some quiet time at the Cancer Center with a very dear friend who was waiting to begin another course of chemo. Afterwards I went for a beautiful hair cut. It's amazing how a wonderful hair cut can make you feel better!

Today I plan on just spending a quiet day at home with my boys! Way too hot to go out during the day so I think a movie or watching The Office on dvd is on tap for the day. The Office always makes me laugh and forget my troubles!!! I can watch that show over and over and NEVER get bored of it! :) I highly recommend it as well as Will and Grace on dvd for making your day just a little bit better! The saying is so true...laughter is wonderful for your soul! I find when I am not feeling well, mentally or physically, watching these shows makes me forget about how I am feeling for the time being. Another show I also love to watch is What Not To Wear on the TLC channel. I have learned so much this show!! Stacy and Clinton are amazing! I would love to shop with them! :) I even got my family hooked on this show!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!! Talk again soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Tribute to Farrah Fawcett

Ever since Farrah passed away, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I learned from her by watching and reading about her journey with her cancer and what I want my future as a cancer survivor to be. She has become a positive role model to me. She has taught me to be as positive about life as possible. Don't sweat the small stuff. Always, Always have hope, faith, and a good sense of humor, and surround yourself with people you love! : ) Spend some time either by yourself or with loved ones and watch . Farrah's Story Her story will touch you whether or not you or someone you know has cancer. Those that have cancer of any kind or have watched a loved one struggling with cancer, this story will hit close to home. I am so proud that she made this documentary because unless you have gone through the treatments, surgery, tests, the waiting, you really don't understand. This opens up eyes and gives you insight of what a cancer patient goes through.